Be a Studentpreneur

Are you a student with a business idea?
EPIC club will help you build
your idea into a business

  • The Entrepreneurship Promotion and Innovation Council (EPIC) was founded in DPS Vasant Kunj in 2016 by
    Bhargavi Goel, Founding President &
    Head Girl (Session 2016-2017)

    Core Team
    Eshan Uniyal, Class XII
    Ananya Goyal, Class XII
    Drishti Agarwala, Class XII
    Krithik Ranjan, Class XII

    Aim - Sparking the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the school student population. The Council is designed to encourage students to take risk and learn by doing. In turn, allow every willing child to realise his / her entrepreneurial dream.

    EPIC plans to hold activities to engage students, provide mentorship and guidance to members and aspirants. We hope to build a community where students feel free to discuss ideas and be innovative without the fear of failure – a community that is truly epic. EPIC aspires to have start-ups operating out of the school that will build a new product every year beginning in 2017.


Objectives - How will the aim of EPIC be realised?

Team - Executive Council

Our core team who founded EPIC club

Bhargavi Goel

Founding President &
Head Girl (Session 2016-2017)

Dr. Poonam Bhasin

(Academic Mentor)


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Eshan Uniyal

(Class XII)

Ananya Goyal

(Class XII)

Drishti Agarwala

(Class XII)

Krithik Ranjan

(Class XII)

Charter of EPIC

Upcoming Events

Periodic events will be scheduled in academic session 2017-18 for members and invitees.

(No upcoming events currently because of board exams )

Our Initiatives

EPIC club intiatives


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